Free Quest's

Quest Difficulty Length Quest Points Reward
Gunnar's Ground difficulty106.png Short 5 300 Crafting XP, Antique Lamp, Swanky Boots
Cook's Assistant difficulty106.png Short 1 300 Cooking experience, 500 coins, 20 sardines, Access to the cook's range, 2 Treasure Hunter keys (and 2 Hearts of Ice)
Myths of the White Lands difficulty106.png Shortish 1 500 XP reward lamp
Restless Ghost, The difficulty106.png Short 1 Ghostspeak amulet, 5 ancient bones, 125 prayer XP, ability to change gravestone
Rune Mysteries difficulty106.png Short 1 Air Talisman, ability to mine Rune Essence

Member Quest's

Quest Difficulty Length Quest Points Reward
All Fired Up difficulty106.png Short 1 20 K gp, 5.5K Firemaking XP, access to the All Fired Up mini-game.
Big Chompy Bird Hunting difficulty242.png Short 2 262 Fletching XP, 735 Ranged XP, 1470 Cooking XP, an Ogre bow, the ability to fletch Ogre arrows, and the ability to hunt Chompy birds.
Buyers And Cellars difficulty106.png Short 1 3 Thieves' guild pamphlets, access to the Thieves Guild, and the ability to collect Hanky Points.
Eagles Peak difficulty106.png Short 2 2,500 Hunter XP, the ability to catch ferrets and rabbits, and the ability to ride the eagles from Eagle's Peak.
Fishing Contest difficulty106.png Short 1 2437.5 Fishing XP, access to the underground tunnel of the Mountain Dwarves, to use the 'Scale Catherby Cliff' shortcut.
Quiet Before the Swarm difficulty106.png Medium 1 4k Attack XP, 4.9k Strength XP, Void Seal
Tower Of Life difficulty106.png Short 2 1000 Construction XP, 500 Crafting XP, 500 Thieving XP, and access to Creature Creation!
Void Dance, A difficulty106.png Medium 1 50 Commendation points, 10k Hunter and Herblore XP, 8k Summoning and Wooductting XP, 5k Thieving, Construction and Mining XP
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