Tears of Guthix Guide
Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment
  3. Strategy
  4. Rewards


Tears of Guthix is a mini-game that you can do once a week. Upon completion it rewards you with a nice amount of experience in your lowest skill. Firstly, to have access to the activity you must have completed the quest Tears of Guthix. You can find the Tears of Guthix activity at the very end of the Lumbridge Caves.

How it Works

A stated above, this acitivity will run once a week. It is set on a 7-day schedule so you must wait exactly 7 days before going again, it does not update on a set day. However, it may have passed seven days but to gain access for that week you must have gained at least 1 quest point or 100,000 experience.


To enter the caves free from harm you need a light scource of some kind. A lantern is reccomended because during the way to the Tears of Guthix you may fall into a small pool of water and extinguish the light. In order for Juna to let you pass you must have no items in your hands. The bowl you made in the quest is kept so you don't have to keep remaking it, Juna will hold onto it for you.


The name of the game is to catch the blue tears falling from weeping wells, and to avoid the green ones. You have a certain time limit in the well in relation to your amount of quest points. Your quest point is equal to the amount of seconds you will be able to spend. When you catch a green tear in the bowl your count begins to go down rather than up if you were to catch a blue tear. The colors constantly move around so it keeps you on your toes.


You get rewarded in the skill of your lowest level. To gain most benefit off the minigame it is best to have at least 30 in said skill. For each tear you collect, if your level is over 30, you'll be granted 60xp. So by gaining 100 tears your be getting 6,000 experience in your lowest skill.
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