Runescape Woodcutting Guide

Table of Contents
1. Table of Contents
2. Types of Hatchets
3. Types of Trees
4. Starting Out
5. Training Strategy
6. Woodcutting Experience Quests

Types of hatchets

Name Image Requirement F2P/P2P
Bronze Hatchet 1 Woodcutting Required F2P
Iron Hatchet 1 Woodcutting Required F2P
Steel Hatchet 6 Woodcutting Required F2P
Black Hatchet 6 Woodcutting Required F2P
Mithril Hatchet 21 Woodcutting Required F2P
Adamantite Hatchet 31 Woodcutting Required F2P
Rune Hatchet 41 Woodcutting Required F2P
Dragon Hatchet 61 Woodcutting Required Members

Types of trees

Name Image Requirement F2P/P2P
Regular tree 1 Woodcutting Required F2P
Dead tree 1 Woodcutting Required F2P
Evergreen tree 1 Woodcutting Required F2P
Achey tree 1 Woodcutting Required Members
Oak tree 15 Woodcutting Required F2P
Willow tree 30 Woodcutting Required F2P
Teak tree 35 Woodcutting Required Members
Maple tree 45 Woodcutting Required Members
Hollow tree 45 Woodcutting Required Members
Mahogany tree 50 Woodcutting Required Members
Arctic Pine tree 54 Woodcutting Required Members
Eucalyptus tree 58 Woodcutting Required Members
Yew tree 60 Woodcutting Required F2P
Choking Ivy 68 Woodcutting Required Members
Magic tree 75 Woodcutting Required Members
Cursed Magic tree 82 Woodcutting Required Members

Starting Out

First off you'll be needing a hatchet. You can't begin woodcutting without one of those, it's a key part if you eventually end up wanting to achieve 99! Check out the hatchet table above.

Levels 1 - 35

wcdeadtree21.jpgAt level one you don't have much choice when it comes to wooductting. The only log obtainable is a regular log, which can be received by chooping either a Normal, Dead, or Evergreen tree. First you need to head to an area that has plenty of trees as normal trees only contain 1 log, not like other trees where they contain multiple. Draynor Manor front garden is great for this as there are plenty of dead trees you can cut down.

There are a few ways to go about training woodcutting. You can couple it with a few other skills. After chopping logs you can either use them with a tinderbox to get experience in the firemaking skill, or members can use a knife on the logs to make arrow shafts to get experience in the Fletching skill. If you only intend on training woodcutting, you'll either have to drop them or find a good spot by a bank.

At level 15 you'll be able to chop Oak trees. Although it's not recommended you can switch right away to these. The best method would probably be to switch up your training between normal logs, and Oak trees. Once you hit level 25, then you can really get going with oak trees, continue to do these to level 35.

Levels 36 - 60

wcwillowtree31.jpgAround level 36 you should now have trained enough to be able to gain experience from willow trees at a decent rate. The best place for free players is in Draynor Village, right next to a bank. Members have plenty more options, and are often less busy. Members can head to the willows outside of Barbrian Assault minigame and use the deposit box inside.

Members will be able to cut Maple trees at level 45 (as will free players who have achieved at least 30 Dungeoneering- can be found on Daemonheim). Maples, at this level, are worse than if you were to stick with willows. But if you are fletching or firemaking your logs, or even for money, maples will turn out to be the better option. For a massive amount of Maples, you should head to the seers Village area. With a 'Seer's Headband 2/3/4' (from achievement diary) you can 10 more experience when cutting maples in the Seers Village area.

Free players should continue to chop willows, unless you have acess to the Maples on the Daemonheim Peninsula.

Levels 61 - 75

At level 61 you have many more choices. You can switch to Yew trees, although at 61 the rate at which you recieve the logs will be quite slow, but the money will not compare to maples or willows. It is advisable to stick to Maples for a couple more levels.

At level 68 you'll be able to cut Chocking Ivy. This does not yield any logs but will net you the most woodcutting experience at 322xp.

For free players,f you are only after money, you can begin chopping Yew trees. Otherwise, stick with Willow trees if you are after experience. At level 70, cutting Yews picks up a bit, although not enough to outrun Willows in experience-per-hour.

For members, once again, if you are only after money, you can start chopping Yew trees now. However, it's advisable to continue to train on Teak trees until at least level 75, which is the earliest time where you can chop Yew trees easily. Nonetheless, Teak trees are still some of the best experience. Ivy is another great place to start, as it is already becoming faster. You may still continue chopping Willow or Maple trees, but the best way to get experience is through Ivy or Teaks.

Levels 76 - 99

wcmagictree17.jpgAt level 75, Members can chop Magic trees. However, if you are after experience, stay with Teaks or Ivy. Even at level 80, Magic trees are still very slow. The Magic tree areas often have a few people there at a time, so you also have to put up with that if you decide to chop them for money. You would be better off chopping Yews until at least level 85 before you begin trying to chop Magic trees

Stick with Yew trees until at least level 85, which is the earliest chopping Magic trees becomes a speedy option. Even then they are not necessarily fast, though. Until 85, Yew trees will deliver some decent money, and Teak trees (as well as Ivy) will give you the best experience.

Quests that give Woodcutting experience

  • Back to My Roots - 40,000 exp
  • As a First Resort - 15,000 exp
  • Grim Tales - 14,000 exp
  • Fremennik Isles - 10,000 exp
  • Summer's End - 5,000 exp
  • Icthlarin's' Little Helper - 4,000 exp
  • Hero's Quest - 3,075 exp
  • Fremennik Trials - 2,813 exp
  • Animal Magnetism - 2,500 exp
  • Eyes of Glouphrie - 2,500 exp
  • Monk's Friend - 2,000 exp
  • Enlightened Journey - 1,500 exp
  • Recipe for Disaster - 1,500 exp
  • The Tale of the Muspah - 800 exp
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