Runescape Range Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Overview
  3. Weapon Types
  4. Armor Types
  5. How to get started
  6. Level 1-30
  7. Level 30-60
  8. Level 60-99
  9. The Skill Cape


Range for one, is a combat skill. Range is a skill, where you use bows, and arrows, or cross bows, etc, to attack enemies from a safe distance. Range combat is weak againt melee, but is strong against magic users, because arrows can puncture the magic users thin robes. Range usually involves thin but tough armor, and rangers rarely use helms.

Weapon Types

Name Requirement Ammo Bonus Image
The Short Bow 1 Bronze-Iron +8
The Long Bow 1 Bronze-Iron +8
Oak Short Bow 5 Bronze-Steel +14
Oak Long Bow 5 Bronze-Steel +14
Willow Short Bow 20 Bronze-Mithril +20
Willow Long Bow 20 Bronze-Mithril +20
Maple Short Bow 30 Bronze-Adamant +29
Maple Long Bow 30 Bronze-Adamant +29
Yew Short Bow 40 Bronze-Rune +47
Yew Long Bow 40 Bronze-Rune +47
Magic Short Bow 50 Bronze-Rune +69
Magic Long Bow 50 Bronze-Rune +69

Name Bonus Requirement Bow Image
Bronze +7 Any
Iron +10 Any
Steel +16 Oak or above
Mithril +22 Willow or above
Adamant +31 Maple or above
Rune +49 Yew or above

Cross Bows
Name Required Level Bonus Ammo Image
Cross Bow 1 +6 Bronze
Bronze Cross Bow 1 +18 Bronze
Iron Cross Bow 26 +42 Up to Iron
Steel Cross Bow 31 +54 Up to Steel
Black Cross Bow 33 +60 Up to Black
Mithril Cross Bow 36 +66 Up to Mithril
Adamant Cross Bow 46 +78 Up to Adamant
Rune Cross Bow 61 +90 Up to Rune

Name Bonus Image
Bronze +10
Iron +46
Steel +64
Black +75
Mithril +82
Adamant +100
Rune +115

Alternate Weapons

Name Required Level Bonus Image
Bronze 1 +1
Iron 1 +3
Steel 5 +4
Black 10 +6
Mithril 20 +7
Adamant 30 +10
Rune 40 +14
Dragon 60 +20

Name Required Level Bonus Image
Bronze 1 +3
Iron 1 +4
Steel 5 +7
Black 10 +8
Mithril 20 +10
Adamant 30 +14
Rune 40 +24

The Throwing Axe
Name Required Level Bonus Image
Bronze 1 +4
Iron 1 +5
Steel 5 +8
Mithril 20 +12
Adamant 30 +17
Rune 40 +26

Name Required Level Bonus Image
Bronze 1 +5
Iron 1 +8
Steel 5 +12
Mithril 20 +17
Adamant 30 +24
Rune 40 +38

Armor Types

Name Image Requirements
Leather Up to level 20 Range and 20 Defense
Snake Skin Up to 30 Defense and Range
Spined Armor Up to level 40 Range and Defense
Dragon Hide Up to 70 Range and 40 Defense
Barrows Up to 70 Range and 70 Defense

How to get started

To get started with range, you need to first shop at the archery store, located in most towns or cities. You then should buy a Normal Bow, and about 1,000 arrows or more depending on the desired level. After you do that you have a few options. One option that you could do, is go to the Lumbridge Cow Field, and range cows. Not only can you make money from the cow's hide, they are also a low level, and easy to kill for fast experience. The last method I will teach you is for members only. You can go all the way to Rekella, known as the Frennick City. Following that just follow the gate all the way to the ocean shore. There will be tons of rocks laying on the ground, just walk up to a rock, and it will come alive and attack you. These are excellent range experience, and you can get summoning charms, and gold this way too. Have fun started Range! :D

Level 1-30

So you want 99 Range right? Well I am going to tell how to do it, so get ready! At level 1 Range you will first need a Normal Bow, and about 1000 or more Bronze or Iron Arrows, as mentioned in the How to get started part of this guide. After you get that, you should first head over to either the goblins, in Lumbridge. Or you can set out to the Cow Field in Lumbridge. From there you will range these weak beasts, and collect some riches along the way.

NOTE: The higher your Range level the slower you will level!

TIP: Remember to pick up your arrows that are left on the ground, if you wish to save money, and keep your supply of arrows steady!

Level 30-60

After you reach about 30 Range, you will need stronger monsters to Range. From this point you should buy a Maple Long Bow or Short Bow, and about 4000 Bronze arrows. After you get those supplies you have some choices. You could either range the Varrock Guards till level 60, or you could range the Varrock Dark Wizards that are located outside of the Varrock Gates. Training on these may be faster because, if you think about the Wizards and Guards are at least a combat level of 20, so you will receive more range experience.

TIP: Remember, if you are a lower combat level then these NPC'S then please bring food.

REMEMBER: 4000 Arrows is just a estimate, so you may need more, if by chance you run out.

Level 60-99

Finally, we are up to the last step of mastering the skill know as Range! There are 2 methods to reaching 99 Range. One method I suggest is a Members way, so If you wish to use this you need to buy a subscription to be a Runescape Member. This method includes doing the Fremnnick Isles Quest. To do this method you need to go on the boats to Fremnick Isles, after you do this, make sure you have a load of Bronze Knives with you, fight the Yacks, near the entrance of the town. These are the perfect beasts to Range because, they are weak and do not inflict tons of damage, and they also have tons of health points. The other method is for players that play Runescape for Free. This method includes, killing giant spiders. These are another great beast to Range because, they have high health points, and they do not inflict tons of damage on there opponents. For the Free Method, make sure you still have your Maple Bow, and also buy tons of Black Arrows. Have fun getting 99 Range!

TIP: Always be patient, and do not forget to complete Fremnnick Isles Quest if your using the Members Method!

The Skill Cape

Congratulations on getting 99 Range! You can obtain the Range Cape, at the Ranging Store next to the Varrock Square. Make sure you bring 99,000 GP, to be able to buy the cape! Enjoy!.

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