Mining Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Basics
  3. Pickaxes
  4. Ores
  5. Training Strategy
  6. Quests that give Mining Experience


Mining is a skill in which players head to different mines across RuneScape and mine their way to obtain ores and bars. These ores and bars are associated with Smithing, which supplies many people with armor. Mining is quite an important skill, but with new armour releases, Smithing isn't being used as much, which also means Mining is not. However, it's a valuable skill to level up, and follow this guide, and you'll do just fine.

The Basics

Nurmof's Pickaxe StoreMining is a simple skill to get to know. It meerly involves the player having a pickaxe in their inventory and clicking on a rock or ore, and the player will get to mining it. To be able to get started with mining, one must have a pickaxe, which can be otained from the pickaxe store in the Dwarven mines, and by trading Nurmof. See the Pickaxes section for more information about them. You also need to find where you can mine the different types of ore that are avliable. In our ores section we have where all ore can be found. So, get your hard hats outs, your water cantine filled, and your pickaxe dusted, and good luck mining!


Pickaxes are needed to be able to begin the mining skill. The better pickaxe you're using the better off you'll do. When you use the best pickaxe you can, you'll be able to mine the ore much faster, meaning you can beat other people that are around you who may also be trying to get the ore. There is also a requirement for pickaxes, as shown below. If you don't have the correct attack level to be able to weild the pickaxe, that doesn't mean you can't use it. As long as it's in your inventory, and you have the correct mining level, you'll be able to use it.
Mining Level Needed
Attack Level Needed to Weild
  Bronze Pickaxe
32gp< /td>
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe

Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril Pickaxe
645 gp

Pickaxe Adamant Pickaxe
1,8 92gp

Pickaxe Rune Pickaxe
19, 450

Pickaxe Dragon Pickaxe
13, 900,000 (approx.)
There are also two special pickaxes in the game. The Inferno adze, can double up as a hatchet for woodcutting, or a pickaxe for mining. The Sacred clay pickaxe, will act as a normal pickaxe, and will have the same power as a Rune pickaxe, but will double the amount of experience you get for each mine you ore.
Mining Level Needed
Attack Level Needed to Weild
Obtained From
inferno_adze52.png Inferno Adze
All Fired Up Minigame
sacred_clay_pickaxe14.png Sacred Clay Pickaxe
Stea ling Creation


Ores are the main part of mining, these are what the whole skill is about, to go out and mine these ores.The respawn time depends on the amount of players currently on the server. Here is the basic data for each type: (Note however that respawn times alter depending on how populated your world is. Higher populated worlds equals less respawn time).
Rock Name Level Exp. Spawn Time Best location(s)
clayore38.png Clay 1 5 1 second West Varrock Mine
runeess28.png Rune Essence 1 5 Instantly Rune Essence Mine
tinore50.png Tin 1 17.5 3 seconds Eastern Varrock Mine
copperore55.png Copper 1 17.5 2 seconds Eastern varrock Mine
limestoneore20.png Limestone 10 26.5 10 seconds North East Varrock Mine, Isdafar Mine
bluriteore35.png Blurite 10 17.5 40 seconds Ice Caves
daedyltore52.png Daeyalt 10 17.5 50 seconds Northern-most part of Meiyerditch
ironore11.png Iron 15 35 10 seconds Dwarven Mines or South-east of Varrock or Al-Kharid Chasm
elementalore40.png Elemental 20 40 2 minutes Elemental Workshop
silverore02.png Silver 20 40 2 minutes Crafting Guild, Al-Kharid Chasm
pess21.png Pure Essence 30 5 Instantly Member Rune Essence Mine
coalore38.png Coal 30 50 1 minute Miners' Guild, Hobgoblin Mine, Edgeville, Skeleton Mine, Falador mine
sandstoneore07.png Sandstone 35 60 (10kg) 50 (5kg) 40 (2kg) 30 (1kg) 8 seconds South-east of Bandit Camp (desert)
goldore28.png Gold 40 65 1 minute 50 seconds Crafting Guild, Arzinian Gold Mine, Brimhaven Circle of Gold
gems46.png Gems 40 65 1 minute 34 seconds Shilo Village
granite11.png Granite 45 75 (medium) 60 (small) 50 (tiny) 8 seconds South-east of Bandit Camp (desert)
rubiduim33.png Rubiduim 46 18 40-45 seconds Kennith's Concerns Quest
mithrilore05.png Mithril 55 80 2-4 minutes Mining Guild, Al-Kharid Chasm
addyore18.png Adamant 70 95 6-8 minutes Hobgoblin Mine, Dwarven Mines, Edgeville Dungeon, Elven Mine
livingrockreminas16.png Living rock remains 73 25 N/A (available after killing Living Rock creatures) Living Rock Caverns
No Picture Concentrated coal deposits 77 50 N/A (multiple ores received) Living Rock Caverns
No Picture Concentrated gold deposits 80 65 N/A (multiple ores received) Living Rock Caverns
runeore35.png Runite 85 125 12-24 minutes Heroes' Guild, Rune Rocks, Fremennik Isles

Training Strategy

There are two ways that you can train mining, one for speed and one for the money side of things. Powermining is the term used to describe the art of mining where you mine and immidetley drop your ore. Thus saving you time running to and from the bank, and you get get experience fast. Because of this, you'll have no profit by dropping your ores. Level 1 - Level 20

coppermining1-2049.pngAt this level, somewhere between one and twenty mining, there really is not a whole lot to do in the way of money, so you want to be concentrating on levels. The nice thing about low levels such as these is how incredibly easy it is to raise it rapidly. If you are at level one, I suggest you do one of two things: Either go "powermining," and not worry about how many of what and all that, or mine in a way that you can raise your smithing as well. Either way you'll be mining in the same place, so head to the South-Eastern Varrock Mine, which can be acessed by going through the west gate and south, and the mine is just slightly west of the path and hard to miss. There are Copper and Tin ore here. These will be your best friend for a while. If you are going to do the power mining method and don't care much for smithing levels, it doesn't really matter which type of ore that you mine. If you do want to gain some smithing level in the process, try to maintain your mining to a ratio of 1:1 and bank your ores in West Varrock Bank, and you can smelt them into bronze bars later on. As you continue to gain levels and unlock the ability to use new pickaxes, it is reccomended that you do to make your levels go by faster.

Level 21 - Level 40

miningiron21-4003.pngAt this level it's reccomended that you'll be using a Mithril Pickaxe. You'll also be able to mine Iron and Silver. You'll be able to mine Iron with not much of a problem. This is what you'll be mining for a while now. You can remain at the Eastern Varrock Mine mine, which I recommend, or you could also move to the Al Kharid Chasm. However, because of level 14 scorpions which reside in that mine you probably want to keep your distance. Soon you are going to have quite a lot of Iron in your bank. You can either smelt your iron ores into bars, this has a 50% chance of sucess (100% with Ring of Forging), or you can sell them off. Continue to mine iron, dropping, banking, or selling, and after a little bit you'll be at level 41.

Level 41 - Level 58

barbvillagemining53.pngAt 41 mining you'll be able to mine coal and gold ore. At this point, now is the time to buy a Rune Pickaxe. Now would also be a good time to stop mining Iron, and move onto Coal. Higher leveled miners take up coal rocks in most places, but in Barbarian Mine is usually where the lower leveled players go, and you'll have more of a chance to get some ores here. If you still have some iron left in your bank, one possibility is to begin smelting steel bars and selling them for money. One steel bar requires an iron and two coal, sells on average at 800gp each. However, if you do not have any iron left and do not feel like getting more, or you do not have 30 Smithing to smelt the steel bars, you could also just mine coal and sell it for about 200gp each. I must admit, this is where mining gets the most boring thus far, so make sure you keep at it.

mingingold35.pngThe good thing is, there are many methods you can do at this point, to hopefully keep your interest. You could also continue powermining iron if you wish; the best place is in the Grand Tree mine, as there are about 6 iron rocks right beside each other. Simply mine one ore, drop it, then move on to the next one - this is very fast exp. A great way to end up with a small profit and fast experience, is to mine in the Dorgeshuun mines as there are many rocks and Mistag the cave goblin will buy all your iron ore for 13gp each. If you have access to the Culiomancer's chest, then banking the ore wouldn't make much Another alternative for members, is that of mining granite at the desert quarry, located south-east of the Bandit Camp. The experience for these ores is greater than coal, and can be mined with great ease. The mine south to Falador, has many rocks, including iron and gold. It's a good spot to powermine iron ore and bank isn't that far as well.

Level 59 - Level 69

minigninguild51.pngSimilarly with the above bracket, you could continue powermining iron if you wish. However, this level bracket is where you can really begin to get the most out of mining. You may not realize it, but as with all guilds, you can access the Miners' Guild accessed before you ever reach 60 mining. Well, specifically, you need 59. My suggestion is to buy a number of Dwarven Stouts from the tavern in Falador. Drinking one of these will temporarily raise your mining and Smithing levels by one, enabling you to get into the guild if you drink one just before going down the ladder or clicking the door to enter the guild. Once you have gotten into the guild, you want to start mining coal. When mining, if you find one server too crowded, you want to switch to one of the more popular worlds. On free-to-play, those would most likely be servers 1, 3, 4, and 5. It does not seem to make much sense, but everyone has the same mindset: go to the less crowded worlds. Because of that, there are less people in the guild on the more popular servers. Keep mining until you have a complete load full of coal, then head north to the ladders. Climb one, and click to the north of the circle of buildings around you. Eventually a bank will come into sight. Enter it and deposit your coal. Then get out another Dwarven stout, and head back to the mine. After a number of trips, probably about ten, you will have 60 mining and several hundred coal in your bank. Alternatively, you can just powermine the coal here if you're only in it for experience. From level 60 mining, you can do whatever you want. In the Miners' Guild are 37 coal rocks and 5 Mithril rocks. You can continue to mine coal, or you can move to Mithril ores, which sell for about 350-450gp each. Just be aware, if you move to Mithril, you are going to spend more time mining the same amount of ores due to the much higher level required. One good strategy at this level, if you want to raise your Smithing level as well, is to mine both coal and iron and periodically smith them into steel bars, provided you have 30 smithing. Once you have a large amount of steel bars, you can do one of two things: you can smith them into steel items and further raise your Smithing level, or you can sell them on the G.E. for about 800gp per bar. If you are a member, a great way to make money is to smith cannonballs from the steel bars you make.

Level 70 - Level 77

At this point it is recommended to mine Granite. For these you'll need to bring some method to drink water in the desert, be it Waterskins or Enchanted Water Tiara, and ligh clothes, preferably Desert Clothing. You'll get these quite fast, the next seven levels very fast. You have a choice to bank your granite or not, it's used in Summoning pouches and is worth the extra few minutes to bank it if you want to benefit from this.

Level 77 - Level 99

miningguidepic317.pngHere you'll be able to mine concentrated ores. These can be found in the Living Rock Caverns, and are by far the best and less energizing experience for mining yet. At 77, you'll have access to the coal type. Once you get to 80, you'll be able to mine the Concentrated Gold. You'll have to mine around 150k ores to be able to get to your goal of 99. If you are mining here, it's reccomended to use a Dragon Pickaxe to increase your mining power even more, and to go to world 84, where there is a lot of other miners and your chance of being attacked by one the creatures is dramatically low.

Quests for Mining XP

  • Another Slice of H.A.M.: 3,000 XP
  • Between a Rock...: 5,000 XP
  • Dig Site, The: 15,000 XP
  • Doric's Quest: 1,300 XP
  • Enakhra's Lament: 7,000 XP
  • Giant Dwarf, The: 2,500 XP
  • Heroes' Quest : 2,575 XP
  • Kennith's Concerns: 12,000 XP
  • Lost Tribe, The: 3,000 XP
  • Legacy of Seergaze: 2,000 XP
  • Plague City: 2,425 XP
  • Summer's End: 5,000 XP
  • TokTz-Ket-Dill: 15,000 XP
  • Defender Of Varrock: 10,000 XP
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