Fishing Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Fishing Equipment
  3. The Fish
  4. Training Strategy
  5. Quests for Fishing XP


Fishing is a skill that requires time, dedication, and patience. For anyone who likes to take it slow or just enjoy getting a skill up while being able to dedicate time to chat with friends, watch videos, and listen to songs. Then, sit down and read - because this is the skill for you. Along the way you'll encounter numerous money making opportunities, with all the fish that you catch. If you're planning to train cooking afterwards then this is an alternative to buying raw food.

Fishing Equipment

Before you can begin fishing you first need to grab some equipment from a fishing store or the Grand Exchange. The easiest store to access is in Port Sarim. There you'll find all of the fishing equipment listed and it will provide you with everything you need to begin fishing.

Image Name Bait
Net Fishing None
Crayfish Cage None
Sea bait Fishing
Big Net Fishing None
River Bait Fishing
Harpoon Fishing None
Stripy Fly-Fishing
Lobster Pot Fishing None
Cave Bait Fishing
Living Minerals Cave Bait Fishing

The Fish

These are the catchable items that you'll find across RuneScape. You'll notice not all are fish, these have other uses. The oyster can be opened and used to pearl bolt tips. The casket hides a secret treasure, and seaweed is used for numerous things, but specifically making molten glass.

Picture Name How to Catch Members or F2P
Shrimp Net Fishing F2P
Crayfish Crayfish Cage F2P
Sardine Sea bait Fishing F2P
Herring Sea Bait Fishing F2P
Anchovies Net Fishing F2P
Mackerel Big Net Fishing Members
Oyster Big Net Fishing Members
Casket Big Net Fishing Members
Seaweed Big Net Fishing Members
Trout Fly-Fishing F2P
Cod Big net Fishing Members
Pike River Bait Fishing F2P
Slimy Eel River Bait Fishing Members
Salmon Fly-Fishing F2P
Tuna Harpoon Fishing F2P
Rainbow Fish Stripy Fly-Fishing Members
Cave Eel River Bait Fishing Members
Lobster Lobster Pot Fishing F2P
Bass Big Net Fishing Members
Swordfish Harpoon Fishing F2P
Monkfish Net Fishing Members
Shark Harpoon Fishing Members
Sea Turtle Fishing Trawler Members
Manta Ray Fishing Trawler Members
Cave Fish Cave Bait Fishing Members
Rock Tail Living Minerals Cave Bait Fishing Members

Training Strategy

How to Get Started

To get started, head to the Grand Exchange. Once you're there, purchase some fishing equipment, like what is listed above. Make sure to get a small net, a fishing rod,a fly fishing rod, a harpoon, a lobster pot,and many feathers as all will come in handy down the road.

Levels 1-10

Now that you've got your supplies, head to Draynor with a small net, fishing rod, and some bait. Once you're in Draynor head to the ocean (near the many willow trees) and begin fishing Shrimp. Continue fishing Shrimp and banking them until you reach level 10.

Levels 10-20

You'll be fishing Sardines & Herring in the ocean using a fishing rod and some bait. So, exchange the net for your rod & bait, then get started! Continue fishing Sardines & Herring in Draynor until level 20.

Levels 20-30

Levels 20-30 you'll bump it up a bit and be fishing Trout. Head to Barbarian Village, and begin fishing in the river. Once you get a full inventory run to Edgeville Bank and back, as it's the quickest bank route. Continue this process to level 30 Fishing.

Levels 30-45

Levels 30-45 you'll be catching Salmon. So grab your fly-fishing rod and feathers, then prepare to get fishing! You'll be catching Salmon in the same spot you caught Trout, so you should be used to the pattern by now. Continue it until you reach level 45.

Levels 45-60

You'll be catching Lobsters for these few levels, so grab your Lobster pot! If you're a member head to Catherby, and make sure to keep the Lobster Pot in your inventory. Once you're there, head to the ocean and begin fishing. Free Players head to Karamja (remember to bring 30gp and your lobster pot!) and then go to the dock. You'll be catching & dropping lobsters on the dock (pictured below) up until level 60. It's slow and you wont make money, but it's still very effective.

Levels 60-75

For levels 60-75 you'll be catching Swordfish. Grab your harpoon and remember not to leave Catherby! This is very simple, as you'll be staying in the same place, just remember to right-click harpoon and not lobster pot.

Levels 75-99

Get ready, get set, FISH! Grab your Fly-Fishing Rod and Feathers, then head to Shilo Village (there is a quest requirement). Once you're there follow the path to run back and forth between the bank and fishing area. It shouldn't be long for your fishing level to advance to 99 - and you can make some money off it. Note: if you run out of feathers there is a shop you can buy them from. If you have not met the quest requirement to enter Shilo Village, Barbarian Village would be the best place to continue to fly fish.

Quests for Fishing XP

  • Swan Song - 10,000
  • Sea Slug - 7,175
  • Rum Deal - 7,000
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 5,000
  • Fishing Contest - 3,225
  • Land of the Goblins - 3,000
  • Fremennik Trails - 2,813
  • Recipe for Disaster - 1,000

Congratulations, you've reached 99! Enjoy the skillcape. You can get this Skill Cape with 99,000 coins, at the fishing guild, from the Master of Fishing.

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