Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Agility Training
  3. Agility Area Information
  4. Running
  5. Run Restoring
  6. Training Methods
  7. Agility Experience From Quests
  8. The Skill Cape


Agility is a skill of endurance, and confidence. This skill requires you to pass all sorts of dangerous obstacles, that help you gain better flexibility, balance, and strength. This skill is trained for a variety of reasons, wether you enjoy the unique way of training or the functionality of restoring your run energy at a faster rate. It also allows you to acess a multitude of shortcuts across the world of RuneScape that would otherwise take much longer to travel to.

Agility Training Areas

Name Image Requirement
Gnome Stronghold Agility Course level 1
Gnome Ball level 1
Low-level Agility arena obstacles level 1
Medium-level Agility Arena obstacles level 20
Werewolf Skullball level 25
Agility Pyramid level 30
Penguin Agility Course level 30
Barbarian Outpost Agility Course level 35
High-level Agility Arena obstacles level 40
Ape Atoll Agility Course level 48
Use Crystal Equipment level 50
Wilderness Agility Course level 52
Bandos's Throne Room Course level 60
Werewolf Agility Course level 60
Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course level 80
Advanced Gnome Stronghold Agility Course level 85
Advanced Barbarian Outpost Agility Course level 90

Agility Area Information

Agility Course Location Description Obstacles
Agility Pyramid This is a pyramid far out in the desert, which provides many challenges, but also rewards in training Agility.
Name Experience
Sliding block 0
Rolling block 12
Low wall 8
Ledge 52
Plank 56.4
Cross gap 56.4
Jump gap 22
Completed Pyramid 1014
Ape Atoll This Agility course lies far in the depths of the wild jungles, in the mists of the home of the apes. This agility course is tough but it serves its purpose well.
Name Experience
Stepping stone 40
Climbing tree 40
Monkey bars 40
slope cliff climb 60
Rope swing 100
Zip vine 300
Bandos Throne Room This is the great home of the god Bandos, where he allows you to conquer a dangerous Agility Course of skill.
Name Experience Other Experience
Statue jump 2 125 Strength
Grapple 352 125 Range
Barbarian Outpost This is what every young Barbarian goes through in there training of becoming a warrior, and fortunately it is great for Agility.
Name Experience
Entrance Tunnel 10
Rope Swing 22
Balance Log 13.7
Net 8.2
Balance Ledge 22
Wall Climb 13.7
Agility Bonus 46.2
Completed Lap 153.2
Name Experience
Wall Run 15
Wall Climb 15
Spring Device 15
Balance Beam 15
Gap Jump 15
Roof Slide 630
Completed Lap 740.7
Dorgesh-Kaan Deep down in the caves of the great and powerful underground dwelling goblins, lies a great and dangerous Agility course that you can use as a advantage.
Name Experience
Tight Rope 25
Swing Cable 22
Swing Ladder 25
Squeeze through gap 7.5
Tunnel Crawl 7.5
Grapple 18
Completed Path 159
Gnome Stronghold Home of the great and powerful Gnomes, lies the beginner and advanced Agility Courses, and the famous game we know as Gnome Ball.
Name Experience
Log balance 7.5
Net climb 7.5
Branch climb 5
Balancing rope 7.5
Branch climb 5
Net climb 7.5
Tunnel 7.5
Agility Bonus 39
Completed Lap 86.5
Name Experience
Branch Climb 25
Signpost Run 25
Pole Swing 25
Barrier Jump to Complete 630
Completed Lap 725
Penguin Course Far, far away, in the depths of the arctic, home of the penguins, lies a dangerous Agility course for only the experienced.
Name Experience
Platform climb 55
Complete platform jumps 80
Icicles (x4) 40
Ice slope 180
Agility bonus 65
Completed lap 540
Werewolf Agility Course This agility course is dangerous many for on the full moon, chaos erupts, and people are lead to there doom.
Name Experience
Stepping stones 50
Hurdles 60
Tunnels 15
Skull slope 25
Deathslide 200
Agility Bonus 190
Completed Lap 540
Wilderness Course The most dangerous course, found in the heart of the wilderness.
Name Experience
Tunnel 12.5
Rope swing 20
Stepping stones 20
Balance log 20
Rocks 0
Agility Bonus 498.9
Completed Lap 571.4


Running is always apart of Agility. If you did not know this, your agility level always effects how fast and how far you can run. The higher your Agility level the faster and father you can run. If you did not know that, then you know now, and that information can come in handy, when you are trying to get somewhere fast.


Run Restoring
Items that boos your run energy include:

Name Image Amount Restored
Papaya Restores 10% energy
Sq'irk juice Restores 10-40% energy, depending on type of juice
White Tree fruit Restores 16% energy
Sweets Restores 20% of run energy per sweet
Energy potion Restores 20% of run energy per dose, up to four doses per potion
Energy mix Restores 20% of run energy per dose, up to two doses per potion
Summer pie Restores 20% energy +5 to Agility
Super energy potion Restores 40% of run energy per dose, up to four doses per potion
Super energy mix Restores 40% of run energy per dose, up to two doses per potion
Explorer's ring Restores 50% of your run energy a number of times per day
Strange fruit Restores 60% energy
Goutweed tuber Restores 100% energy
Mint cake Restores 100% energy
Spirit terrorbird, Tireless Run special move Restores a portion of your run energy based on your Agility level

Training Methods

Getting Started

To get started with Agility, you don't really need anything but your Runescape Character. The area to start at is in the Tree Gnome Stronghold in the agility course close to the entrance. There you can train for a while, by crossing logs, climbing nets, passing through tubes, and balancing on a line of rope. Another fun exercise that is also located in the Gnome Stronghold is Gnome Ball. This is a mini-game that also give you experience with Agility, and its fun too!

Level 1-30

To start off with Agility it doesn't require anything. All you need to do is head over to the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course, and train there till level 30 Agility. This is not a dangerous course, so it requires no food, just patience and determination.

Another way is to purchase a toy mouse. Let it go free and then catch it, doing this gives 15 experience per catch. At the lower levels, this is great experience from about 1-10. Try to go to a small room so the mouse hasn't far to run. The house in Catherby with the pesticide is perfect.

Level 30-60

After you reach level 30 Agility, you can head into the dessert and race your way through the Agility Pyramid. You will need to bring plenty, of food and waterskins, when training here. You can also receive a steady income while training here as well. After you reach about level 48 Agility, finish the Monkey Madness Quest. After you finish this head over to the Isle where you do Monkey Madness and train at the agility course there till 60 Agility.

Level 60-99

Once you reach level 60 it's advised to carry on with the Ape Atoll course. You want to continue on there until you reach around 80, at which point you can eat summer pies for the advanced gnome course. This does cost money, but the experience is constant even if you fail the obstacle. At 82 you can begin using agility potions which are much cheaper than summer pies. However, you could always just keep going at Ape Atoll until 85 and then switch.

Keep doing the advanced gnome course until you reach level 96, at this point you'll be able to easily complete the advanced barbarian course. From this point on it's fairly simple, good luck!

Agility Experience From Quests

Quest Experience
Within the Light 35,000
Rocking Out 25,000
The Chosen Commander 20,000
Mourning's End Part 2 20,000
Back to My Roots 15,000
Regicide 13,000
Recipe for Disaster 10,000
Curse of Arrav 9,000
Troll Romance 8,000
Grand Tree 7,900
Cabin Fever 7,000
Darkness of Hallowvale 7,000
Dealing With Scabaras 7,000
Grim Tales 6,000
Cold War 5,000
Kennith's Concerns 5,000
Royal Trouble 5,000
Icthlarin's Little Helper 4,000
Land of the Goblins 3,000
Fremennik Trials 2,813
Defender of Varrock 2,000
Legacy of Seergaze 2,000
Recruitment Drive 1,000

The Skill Cape

You can receive this cape in Brimhaven, at the Brimhaven Agility Arena Building, from Captain Izzy. This will cost you 99,000 coins. Congratulations on 99 Agility!

This Skill Guide was written by: Rob M.


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