Introduction: The construction of a mysterious tower is almost complete, but the builders working on it have gone on strike. Losing patience, the alchemists that hired them are looking for anybody to help them. When the world of magic and the world of logic combine you can expect dangerous results, but a true adventurer would cherish such things... wouldn't they
Minimum requirements: Level 10 Construction
Items Needed: Beer, Hammer, And a Saw
Start Point: I can start this quest by talking to Effigy at the tower south-east of Ardougne.




Speak to Effigy, He will tell you the builders have gone on strike about the tower being too werid. Effigy will ask you if you could talk to them and finish the work. Accept to take the quest.




Find Bonafido the head builder and speak with him. He tells you that the Alchemist are up to something. That until they get some answers they are not moving a muscle. Bonafido will tell you that only builders are allowed in the tower. Bonafido will give you a chance and tells you to come like a builder with a hard hat, some boots, scruffy trousers and a shirt and he will let you try to be one of them.




You will need to speak to all of the workers to get the cloths. Speak with Black-eye if you could get a helmet. Before you can get the hemet your going to have to answers some questions first...




Q: How many nails does it take to make a rocking chair?
A: Three
Q: What takes 3 planks, 3 cloths and 3 nails to make, and helps remove light from a room?
A: Torn Curtains
Q: I like fish and I want to put some in my garden, but I need a special water feature. What materials would I require?
A: 10 clay pieces

Black-eye will say he's got a spare helmet from a builder that had to leave the job. He will hand over the helmet and now speak with the next builder Gummy.




At first he wont be so giving and to stop bothering him because he's busy. Keep speaking with him he will tell you the other day he was drying his cloths on a line down by the shore. When a storm hit and some of his clothing went missing. Search the plants on the east side of the tower, near the ocean, you will find the trousers.




Now speak with No fingers. No fingers will say he has many boots but will not give any to you. That, only real builders can wear builders' boots. Once you have finished speaking with No fingers, pick-pocket him. It might take many attempts to Pickpocket and receive the Builder's boots if your a low level in thieving.




Finally, speak with The Guns the last builder. He will give you his shirt for exchange with a beer.




Once you have the all the cloths, put them on and speak to Bonafido again. He will ask you a few questions to test your mental attitude...

Q: You've plenty of work to do, but you need a drink fast - what do you go for?
A: Tea
Q: How do you whistle?
A: Whistle for attention
Q: What's a good sign that you need to replace your trousers?
A: Your legs are getting a bit cold
Q: What do you do if you cut your finger?
A: Carry on, it'll fix itself

Bonafido will tell you there's a pipe system, a pressure machine and a strange cage up at the top that needs finishing off. Go inside the tower a search the crates for supplies. You will need 5 metal bars, 4 pipes, 5 pipe rings, 6 rivets, 3 metal sheets, 4 valve wheels, 4 colored balls, and 4 binding fluids.




The first machine were needing to fix is the pressure machine which is upstairs. Repair it using 4 coloured balls, 3 pieces of metal sheeting and 4 valve wheels. Once fixed the pressure is interrupted by the holes in the pipes. Use the balls to block them. (Don't exit out of machine when fixing or you will have to start all over again.)




Pipe 2: Pull down left lever, and then turn the 2nd valve left twice. Once the leak has stopped, turned the 2nd valve right till the water reaches to the top.
Pipe 4: With the left lever still down, pull down the right lever, and turn the 4th valve right three times. Then left one time and now turn the valve right till the water fills the pipe.
Pipe 3: Lift the right lever back up, and turn the 3rd valve right twice and then left once. Turn it right till the pipe is filled with water.
Pipe 1: Lift up left lever, now both levers are up. Turn the 1st valve left twice. Turn it right till the pipe is filled with water.




Now, that we fixed the pressure machine. It's time to fix the pipe machine which is upstairs on the third floor. You are going to need 6 rivets, 4 metal pipes, and 5 metal rings. The machines now needs calibrating, the pipes needs to connect to allow the liquid to travel further up the tower.




The final machine is a cage up the ladder and on the top floor. You are going to need 5 metal bars and 4 bottles of binding fluid. Some of the bars need to be completed, you need to get the sizes correct that fit into the purple area's.




Once the cage is complete the tower should be in working order. Go and tell Effigy!

Go back up to the top of the tower. Effigy will go about speaking how finally the time has come and that they now have the ability to create life itself. A beast will appear inside the cage. The beast will get angry and everyone will flee. Go downstairs and speak to Effigy. He will ask you to go up their and speak with the beast.

Talk to the beast and help him make up his mind by answering 7 questions. Force him to either follow the line of logic or the line of magic. (answers can't be mixed)




  1. How can I make fire appear at my fingertips?
  2. How do dragons breathe fire?
  3. What do people do, day-in, day-out?
  4. What could I do with unwanted bones?
  5. What's the best way to travel?
  6. I hear people whisper of potions...
  7. How are rune stones created?


  • With the aid of 5 fire runes.
  • With the help of the magical Dragonstones!
  • Runecraft, enchant, jewelery, perform alchemy
  • Turn them into bananas or peaches
  • Depends where you are headed, but teleport spells are a safe bet.
  • Yes, you can make magic potions to boost your skills.
  • By harnessing the power of the gods


  • Get some logs and a tinderbox
  • By ignition of gas in their belly as they exhale
  • Fletching, Crafting, Smithing
  • Bury them
  • Run, Run as fast as you can
  • People mix together ingredients in vials. The nutrients will help you.
  • Take a rune stone to an altar and use a talisman

Head back down to Effigy, and talk to him. The beast will appear and scare him. The beast will ask you to meet him in the dungeon. Go back inside the tower and go through the trapdoor. Once your inside the dungeon head north, speak with the beast. After the beast is finished speaking with you, you will have completed the quest.



This Quest Guide was written by: Justin V.

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