Rune Mysteries Quest Guide

Rune Mysteries is a quest that involves quite a bit of running. It is advised to bank all your items to save up on weight, and seeing as you do not need any items for this quest, it makes it a smart move to make.


Step 1

duke horacio14.jpgTalk to Duke Horacio on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle(pictured to the right). Ask him if he has any quests that he needs doing. He'll say that it's not really a quest but more of a task. Accept, and he'll begin to talk about a strange talisman he discovered, which turns out to be an Air Talisman, and he asks if you would take it to Sedridor, in the wizards tower basement south of Draynor Village.

Head west out of the castle, and head toward Draynor Village, and you should come to a long widing southward path. Take this, and you'll eventually cross over a long bridge, leading to the Wizards' Tower. Enter, and go down to the basement. You'll see a wandering Wizard called Sedridor, and he is the man you need to give the talisman to.

Talk to him and say you're looking for the head wizard.

im lookingfortheheadwizard51.jpg

Once you hand over the talisman, Sedridor will be amazed with what you brought him and says it may be the last piece of the puzzle to bring back the legacy of their ancestors. He will hand you a package, and ask you to deliver it to Aubury in Varrock, and bring something back to him.

Step 2

If you have 25 magic or higher, it would be faster to teleport to Varrock, and omit the next step.

Home teleport back to lumbridge, and then run east over the River Lum, and northward to Varrock.

aubury map view07.jpg Once you reach the gates, and the guards, head east along the first path you see. You'll come to a hexagon shaped store with a rune symbol, that looks like fire. Go inside a talk to Aubury, and say you have a package for him. He will then thank you and give you his research notes to take back to Sedridor. He will offer to teleport you back to the Wizards tower, say yes, and you will be teleported onto the long bridge.

Step 3

Return to Sedridor with the research notes in hand. Give them to him and he'll tell you the story of why he needed you to deliever them. After a short talk about discovering runes and rune essence, you'll recieve your reward.

runemysteries finnished00.jpg
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