Quest Before the Swarm Quest Guide

Requirements: Imp Catcher, Wanted!, 42 Strength, 35 Attack, Completed at least one game of Pest Control,
Items needed: None
Recommended items: Explorer's ring 3, Falador teleport runes

You can start this quest by talking to Sir Tiffy Cashien who is sitting on a bench in the Falador park. Ask about the Void Knights, and if he has any other taks for you to do. He'll say that he's heard reports of a pest problem on the Void Knight outpost, and has asked you to head down there to investigate.


Once you've finnished the dialouge with Sir Tiffy, head down to the Void Knight outpost, you can get here by using your Explorer's Ring 3, or by running south from Falador park to port sarim. Head to south of the dock to find a knight, talk to the squire to get to the Void Knight outpost.

speaking to commodorematthias21.jpg Once you arrive on the island, talk to Commodore Matthias. Commodore Mathhias can be found in the large building to the north east of the island. Speak to him and you'll say that you have been sent by the temple knights to investigate if the pest has escaped from this island. He'll allow you to interview some of the knights on the island to see what they know. He says speak to Captain Tyr, his second in command, who can be found just wandering outside the large building.

Captain Tyr says you should interview people on his side of the island first, and says there is a total of 9 to interview. The 9 people to talk to are:

  1. Knight Ami
  2. Knight Bernard
  3. Knight Diana
  4. Knight Mikhal
  5. Jessika
  6. Mariah
  7. Mrs Gord
  8. Squire Sam
  9. Terry Gord

jessika29.jpgTo get through this step easier, all you have to do is talk to them, you don't even have to ask any questions. That is for Squire Sam who you'll have to ask about escaped pets before clicking, that's all thanks. Once you've quickly spoken to all 9, talk to Captain Tyr again. You summarize up what you heard from the 9 knights, and he asks to talk to somebody who you may think will be a likely candidate. The person that commited the crime is Jessika, the researcher, and the only one who does not interact with the locals. Talk to Jessika and talk to her about the crimes she has commited. She will act suspiciously and later on she will tell you that she let them go free. Go back to Captain Tyr and he will tell you to return to Commodore Matthias.

A cutscene will commence of yourself, Captain Tyr, Commodore Matthias, and Jessika, discussing her 'crime'. They'll start talking about a potion that allows the drinker to enter the mind of another person. You'll be offered to drink the potion (no suprise), and enter the mind of Jessika to learn about the pest she let free. You drink the potion and are in her mind! You'll appear next to quite a large puzzle.


It functions just like a sliding puzzle, and with borders around the square should make this quite easy to complete. Once you've finnished the puzzle, Jessika's voice will appear saying "I hope he made it to the mainland okay- he was so weak." Once you've listened to Jessika, you'll appear back on the Void Outpost, with Commodore Matthias, asking what you found out. After another cutscene, Jessika tries to amend her crime, but Commodore mAtthias refuses to listen and calls all High ranking Knights to his building for another cutscene. This time they'll be discussing plans on catching the pest, once it's over, teleport to Falador and speak to Sir Tiffy to update him on the situation. You find Commander Korasi in a stupor, and Sir Tiffy sends Lady Table to get her. Tiffy brings you back to Falador, and tells you you must bank all your items before eneting the HQ to see Korasi. Now that you're in you'll have to complete a few puzzles, and is quite similar to the recruitment drive. Talk to Commander Korasi, and you'll be invited inside her head. These are the puzzles you must complete: Bridge and the Sword

1stpuzzle37.jpgThe objective of the puzzle is to get all three knights, as well as yourself, across the bridge. However, there are a few hitches. First of all, only two people can go across at a time. The second problem is that the person crossing must have the sword. The third problem is that each person weighs a different amount. The bridge can only handle the weight of 15. Your player weighs 1, Bernard weighs 2, Ami weighs 5, and Diana weighs 8. Finally, the last thing only the heaviest weight is counted when you go across. So if Ami went with Diana, the total weight would only be 8. Here is one of the ways to get across:

  1. You cross with Bernard
  2. You crossback
  3. Ami and Diana cross
  4. You let Barnard cross from the other side to you
  5. You cross with Bernard

Once you've completed this puzzle you'll appear at the next one.

Ship PositionsYou find yourself with the 5 knights who were on the ship: Korasi, Diana, Bernard, Commodore Mathias and Ami. Each of them holds a hint to where the other knights were, what they saw, and what they were thinking about. To complete this puzzle you must correctly match up each person with the hints given by the other knights. Listen to what they remember and were thinking about, and then assign them to a certain part of the ship.

Name Positions Thinking About... Saw
Commodore At the helm Jessika Clouds
Korasi In the hold Promotion The pest
Diana On the deck Fighting A seagull
Bernard In the crow's nest Lunch Seaweed
Ami In the rigging Sister Shark

Assign each of the knights with the places listed above.

karasipest21.jpgOnce you've finnished assigning each place, a cutscene will appear of what happened on the ship. You become Korasi, and must kill the pest that has appeared, then make your way up the ladder, and continue to kill the rest of the pest that have made it onto the ship. However, this gol is cut short, all of the fellow knights will die, you'll head upstairs to see a mysterious figure attacking Commodore, and he tells you to get to the shore right away. You teleport away, and arrive back at the Temple Knight HQ.


Talk to Karoasi again, and she'll ask you to speak to Captain Tyr (Now Commadore Tyr) to tell of the sad news. Head back to the Void Knight Outpost, talk to Commadore Tyr, and your quest is complete!

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