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Gunnar's Ground Quest Guide


Skills: 5 Crafting
Quests: None
Items: Chisel (can be obtained during quest)

To begin this quest, you need to head over the Barbarian Village. On the east side of the village by the bridge leading to varrock, you should see a dwarf(Dororan)- a very small one at that, standing by the wall, waiting for your help! He wants to find love with a barbarian woman in town, but they won't let him in because of his poor stature. To get her attention instead he wants you to get him a ring of purest gold. He hands you a love poem and tells you to take it to Jeffery who is in Edgeville. Jeffery can be found in the furnace building near the Edgeville bank. Speak to him about getting a gold ring, and he'll ask why you need it. You'll then give him the love poem and he'll ask if the dwarf put you up to this. After the conversation, he'll give you the gold ring you want. Go back to Dororan and show him that you have the ring. He'll ask you (with your chisel, or ask him for one) to inscribe the words, "Gudrun the Fair, Gudrun the Fiery" onto the ring. He then says it's ready to give to Gudrun.

Gudrun is wandering around the mine area of Barbarian village, and is fairly easy to spot, after a little conversation you'll give her the ring and say it's from a great poet. She'll say that she wishes to be with an outlander, but her father won't allow it. Offer to go talk to her father, Chieftan Gunthor. Head into the cavern north of where Gudrun is, and begin with flat-out saying his daughter wishes to be with an outlander. You won't accomplish anything by speaking to him, so return to Gudrun who will tell you to go back to the poet (Dororan) to see if he has any ideas.

Head back to Dororan and tell him that Gudrun's father prohibits her to be with any outlander. He'll say that if he writes a poem he may be able to sway his mind, but he needs your help picking a few of the words. When the first choice pops up, pick any one at random, after that the word choices will come up and select, 'Stray", then pick a random one again then choose "threat", and "swept to war". Once he's completed the poem, you'll receive Gunnar's ground.

Head back to Gudrun and tell her to read it to her father. After a cutscene of Dororan thinking it was a bad idea the barbarians will will come out of the tavern. After another cutscene where Gudrun is talking to Dororan, you'll appear in Barbarian village with the news that Dororan is now the village poet, and has been giving a house. He'll give you your rewards and ask you to stop by some time.

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