Introduction:The mountain Dwarves' homes would be an ideal way to get across White Wolf mountain safely. However, the Dwarves aren't too fond of strangers. They will let you through if you can bring them a trophy. The trophy is the prize for the annual Hemenster fishing competition.
Start Point: You can start this quest by speaking to the Dwarves at the tunnel entrances on either side of White Wold Moutain.
Requirements: You must have level 10 fishing to start quest.
Items Needed: Spade, Fishing Rod, Garlic and some coins(5-10.)


Click on the stairs, and attempt to go down. You will be stopped by a Dwarf. He will tell you that you can't go down their. Ask the Dwarf why, he will say this is the home of the Mountain Dwarves and they don't like it when strangers cut through their short cut. He will tell you that people need to earn his trust first before you can pass. There's a certain gold artifact that their after. The artifact is the first prize at the Hemenster Fishing Competition. Unfortunately, Dwarves don't make good fishermen. The Dwarf will hand over a competition pass to you. Take some gold with you for the entrance fee and head over to Hemenster.



Head North-East from Hemenster into McGrubor's Woods. From the edge of the fence go West. You will see a house and nearby a loose railing.



Go ahead a squeeze through the railing now find a red vine and click on it.



Keep clicking on the red vine in till you have 3-5 worms. You can now leave the woods and make your way south back to Hemenster.



Try opening the gate to enter the fishing contest. Morris will ask for your fishing pass. Show him your pass and you will enter the area.



Seek the sinister stranger and speak with him. Ask him who he is, he will tell you were he come's there's not much sun. Tell him he's a vampire, he will not accept.



Place your garlic in one of the wall pipes.



Go over to Bonzo and enter the competition. Bonzo will say to fish by the willow tree and the Sinister Stranger to fish by the pipes. The Sinister Stranger will walk over to the pipes and smell the nasty garlic and decided he want's to move by the willow tree. Now your fishing spot is by the pipes. Fish their in till you have a Raw Giant Carp, speak to Bonzo and hand over the fish. Bonzo will hand over the Fishing Trophy and you are announced the winner!



Take the Trophy back to the Dwarf at the side of White Wolf Mountain to claim your reward.



This Quest Guide was written by: Justin V.

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