To start, speak to Charlie at the Ardougne Zoo.

1. Charlie will tell you to go to west of the Gnome Stronghold (Eagles Peak) to try to find Nickolaus, the man Charlie send out to catch the ferrets that were supposed to be part of an attraction.

Once to the Eagles Peak, follow the path till you come to a rocky shortcut. Take this shortcut down to a campsite (25 agility required). If you don't have 25 agility, you will simply have to go around the mountain, which, isn't isn't a major hassle as it isn't a large mountain.

2. Once you get to the campsite, inspect the books that are on the ground. Once you inspect it, you will get a bird book. Read the bird book to get a metal feather.

Now return to the path that goes around Eagles peak. This time, go along the path till you reach a rocky outcrop. Use the metal feather on the rocky outcrop, and it will open a secret passage.

3. Once inside, follow the path. it will split, and when that happens, you want to go south. You will have a conversation with Nickolaus, and he will tell you that you need a disguise and to go to the Fancy Dress Shop Owner in Varrock. Before you go to Varrock, grab 10 Eagle Feathers found right by where you had the conversation with Nickolaus, as you will need them when you go to the Fancy Dress Shop Owner in Varrock.

Before you go to see the Fancy Dress Shop Owner, make sure you have your Eagle Feathers, Swamp Tar, 50 Gold pieces, and Yellow Dye, as you will need them to get the disguise. Talk to the Fancy Dress Shop Owner about eagle costumes. He will tell you that he needs some Yellow Dye, 10 Eagle Feathers, Swamp Tar, and 50 Coins, and he will provide the rest.

4. Return to the passage, and talk to Nickolaus. He will tell you to take the disguise to him. You will come to a stone wall, in which you can't get through. You need a Bronze feather, Silver feather, and Gold feather to get past it. Go to the southwest part of the cave, where the Bronze Feather is.

4A. Enter the tunnel, and in the center of the room, there will be a pedestal with the Bronze Feather on it. Touch it, and it will set off a trap. Touch all 4 wrenches, and it will release the pedestal. Now touch it again, and you should get the Bronze Feather. After that, return to the main cave.

4B. Now go to the northeast part of the tunnel, where the ilver Feather is located. Once inside, you will see the pedestal. Inspect it, and you will find tracks coming from it. Inspect the nearby rocks, and it will lead to a cave. Once at the cave, inspect it, and a level 13 Keebit will attack you. Kill it and it will drop the Silver Feather, then return to the main cave.

Now that you have all 3 feathers, go back to the stone door and use each feather on the door. After that, you can go back whenever you want.

5. Now, with you disguise on, click on the eagle, and you will walk past him. Once past the eagle, give him the disguise, and he will meet you at the campsite.

6. Once at the campsite, speak to Nickolaus about Ferrets and how to catch one. There will be a short cut-scene, and after that, you will have a Ferret in your inventory. Speak to Charlie back at the zoo to get your reward.


This Quest Guide was written by: Steve U.

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