Cook's Assistant

-Free-to-Play Quest
-Difficulty: Novice
-Length: Short
-Quest Points: 1

  • 300 Cooking experience
  • 500 coins
  • 20 sardines
  • Access to the cook's range
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys (and 2 Hearts of Ice)

Beginning the quest - Speak to the Cook in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle, and ask him for a quest. He will tell you that he needs to bake a cake for the Duke of Lumbridge's birthday party, but he does not have the necessary ingredients. He asks you to bring him the following:
  • A bucket of Top-quality milk
  • One Super large egg
  • A pot of Extra fine flour

Getting the Top-quality milk - Exit the castle and cross the bridge over the River Lum. Walk north along the path until you reach the gate to the cow pen on the east. Pick up a bucket from the spawn point in the cow pen, and use it on the Prized Dairy Cow (located on the eastern side of the cow pen) to get a bucket of top-quality milk.

Getting the Super large egg - Leave the cow pen and follow the path a little bit farther to the north, where you will see a chicken farm on the west side of the path. Enter the yard and pick up the Super large egg from the west side of the chicken coop.

Getting the Extra fine flour - Leave the chicken farm and walk south along the path until you reach the bridge to cross the River Lum (not the same bridge you crossed earlier). Cross the bridge and follow the path to the north and west until you reach a wheat field and a windmill. Pick some wheat from the field, enter the mill, and pick up an empty pot. Make sure to talk to Millie Miller about making Extra fine flour. If you do not talk to Millie before making the flour, it will not be extra fine and you will have to make it again.After speaking to Millie, climb up to the top floor of the mill. Use the wheat on the hopper and then operate the hopper controls. Go back down to the ground floor and use the empty pot on the flour bin to get your pot of Extra fine flour.

Finishing up - Return to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle and speak to him to give him the ingredients. Quest complete!

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