Introduction: While some find their fortunes in forsaken lands battling dangerous monsters, the opportunistic adventurer knows that there is wealth to be had all around: in guarded vaults, trapped safes and the fattened purses of the rich and careless. With naught but a capacious cellar, an extensive vocabulary and a dash of derring-do, rakish confidence trickster Darren Lightfinger hopes to establish an official Lumbridge Thieves’ Guild where all proponents of his time-honoured profession may pursue their various business interests. Darren has sent out feelers for assistance, promising rich rewards to the person who helps him bring his plan to fruition. It's never wise to trust a con-man, but this is too good an opportunity for a resourceful rogue to pass up.
Start point: Speak to Darren in his cellar north of the Lumbridge furnance.
Start Requirements: None
Required Items: Some logs or the means to aquire them



The Cellar: Speak with Darren in the cellar ask him 'what is he doing down here?' Keep clicking on the text with the '(Skip speech) next to it.' Finally, accept to start the quest. Darren now want's you to pick the pocket of the dummy as sneakily and as delicately as you possibly can. (You will be automatically directed to the dummy and pickpocket it.) Once you have successfully pick pocketed the dummy you can chose to either ask Darren for more advice on pick pocketing in the real world or continue on without his teachings. I have chosen to skip his teachings.



Lumbridge's Castle: Head over to Lumbridge's Castle Courtyard. On the South-West side of Lumbridge's Castle will be Chief Thief Robin, Speak to him. He has some important information for you. He will tell you that "the Chalice is no longer being held by the bank. Seems that the owner withdrew it a couple of days ago and wandered off in the direction of Lumbridge Swamp... A wild-haired old man with a bad temper."



The Old man: Head to the swamps, just south of the Lumbridge's Castle. Speak with the old man, tell him "nice chalice." And if that you can have a look at it. The old man will tell you its in a display case. Ask him if you can hold it but he will refuse, return to Robin.



Chief Thief Robin: Robin will tell you that you might have to engineer a crisis. By Setting a fire outside his window should do the trick. Go ahead get some logs, bring a few more if your a lower level in firemaking. Now head back to the old mans house.



Lighting Fire: Find any window where the Old man can see the fire and light the logs on fire. (You must lay the fire up close, directly under the window.) Now speak to the old man, say can I see your chalice once more. Then reply, Fire! Fire! Now it is your chance to take the chalice, quickly pickpocket the old man. You will now have a 'Complex Key' in your inventory. Go over to the Display glass (Northwestern corner in the old mans house.) and click on it to open.


Golden Chalice: Now you have the Golden chalice. Head back to Darren and use the Chalice on Darren. You will talk a bit, then you will be automatically exited out of the cellar. Finally, you completed the quest and now you are part of the thieves guild with that 3 Thieves Guild pamphlets in your inventory.



This Quest Guide was written by: Justin V.

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