Introduction: Rantz the ogre needs to feed his demanding children, Fycie and Bugs, so he wants to go Big Chompy Bird hunting. Problem is, he's all fingers and thumbs when it comes to making ogre arrows.
Minimum Requirements: You need level 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking, and 30 Ranging.
Items Needed: A Chisel, Hatchet, Knife, 100 or more Feathers and 6 Wolf bones.
Start Point: You can start this quest by speaking to the ogre Rantz who lives East of the Ogre City, North of the Swamp Pool.



Start: Talk to Rantz he will ask you to make him some stabbers so he can hunt da chompy. Agree to help Rantz make some 'stabbers' (which are ogre arrows.) He will tell you that you need stickies from achey tree and stabbies from dog bones.



Making The Arrows: Use a Chisel on the Wolf bones. Next, chop down nearby Achey Tree's and Fletch them into arrow shafts with your knife. Finally use your feathers on the arrow shafts to make Flighted Ogre Arrows. Then use the Flighted Ogre Arrows on the Wolf-bone Arrow-tips to make Ogre Arrows. Return to Rantz and tell him you have his Stabblers. He will take out the ogre arrows from your inventory.


The Cave: Rantz will then explain about the swamp toads and that his chrildren like to play with them. Ask Rantz all of the possible questions listed or else you won't be able to continue further on. Now enter the cave just north of Rantz, in their you will find Fycie & Bugs. Rantz daughter and son, Speak with one of them and they will inform you that they used Ogre bellows to inflate the toads but their dad locked them up in the chest. The chest is located to the northwestern corner of the cave. The chest is closed with a heavy boulder on top of it. Attempt to unlocked the chest, you will notice the rock fly's off rather easy. (If you have failed the first time, Re-Attempt to unlock the chest. Your strength will be reduced to 1.) Search the chest to fine the pair of ogre bellows.(Make sure to quickly search the chest before the chest closes again.) Leave the cave and head southwest towards a little swamp surrounded by wolves.



Inflatable Toads: Use the ogre bellow on the Swamp bubbles in the swamp. Then use the Ogre Bellows on a toad hopping around the swamp, you will now have a bloated toad in your inventory.(Only three toads can be carried, anymore, one of your toads will escape.)



The Hunt: Head back to Rantz, tell him you have his fatsy toadies. He will approve and point out were you must lay the bloated toad to lure in the Chompy bird. Just south of Rantz, were the flashing arrow once was, place the bloated toad onto the ground. Chompy will soon come, be on the look out. As soon as you see his presence, speak to Rantz right away. Rantz will try to shoot but will miss and will blame you. Speak with Rantz again, convince him your a good shooter. He will agree and hand over the ogre bow. Equip the bow and use the left over arrows you still have in your inventory. Go over to the hunting grounds and shoot the Chompy bird, marked with a flashing yellow arrow. Once you finally have killed the Chompy bird, pluck the bird to receive the Bones, Feathers, Raw chompy and your Ogre arrow. (If you ran out of time, simply get another Bloated Toad and place it on the hunting grounds.)



Cooking The Chompy Bird: Go back to Rantz and show him the freshly plucked Chompy Carcass. Rankz now want's you too cook the Chompy but they are particular about how they eat their chompy. Rantz will tell you the seasoning he likes on his chompy. Rantz will also tell you to ask Fycie & Bugs on what they would like on theirs. For each player the seasoning's are different, Below is a map of the possible seasonings and where they are located:



When you have gathered all of the seasonings, Go back to Rantz by him there is an Ogre spit-roast. Place the raw Chompy on the Ogre spit-roast, when you have cooked the Chompy the seasoning will be automatically added onto it. Now you have a seasoned Chompy, talk to Rantz and give him the seasoned Chompy to receive your reward.




This Quest Guide was written by: Justin V.

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