Introduction: After the Priest in Peril quest, King Roald is worried of a possible invasion from the Wilderness and Morytania. So, he had a beacon lighting system set up. You must go from beacon to beacon, testing them in case a real invasion occurs.
Minimum requirements: You need level 43 Firemaking to start the quest You also need the quest 'Priest in peril' Completed.
Items needed: 45 logs of any same type and a Tinderbox
Start Point: You can start the quest by first speaking to King Roald in Varrock Palace.


The Beacon Network: Agree to help King Roald test the beacon network. In hopes will serve as an early warning system, should Misthalin and Asgarnia come under attack from Morytania or the Wilderness. King Roald will tell you to talk to the 'Head Fire Tender' Blaze Sharpeye he is located just south of the Temple Of Platerdomus, on the cliffs by the River Slave. Go ahead and buy or cut down 45 any same type of logs. Take 20 of your logs and a Tinderbox, and head to Blaze Sharpeye.



Speak to Blaze Sharpeye, who will tell you about the beacon system, and he will have you test the beacons. You will require 20 logs (of any type) and a tinderbox. (Agree that if it were a real emergency, Gnomish firelighters will be used in place of regular logs).



Lighting the beacon: Now, add your 20 logs of the same type to the beacon by Blaze Sharypeye, light the logs with your tinerbox. With the flames ablaze, Talk to Blaze Sharpeye again. He will tell you to light the beacon on the west and report back to him.( You can find this beacon near the limestone quarry, north-east of varrock, west of the Rag and Bone Man's hovel.) Blaze colleague, Squire Fyre, is tending that beacon.



Another Beacon: Go back to your bank a take out 25 more of your logs. Now head back to Squire Fyre, Blaze's Colleague and speak with her. She will tell you to light the beacon next to her. Add 20 of your logs to the beacon and then use your Tinderbox to light them ablaze. After lighting the beacon, head back to blaze. Blaze Sharpeye will confirm that he see's the second beacon lit. Though, the beacon by blaze is struggling and the fire has died down.



Adding more firepower: Blaze tells you, if a beacon's fire starts to die down you can restore it to its blazing glory by adding five logs. Accept his offer to light the beacon to ablaze. Add your last five logs(of any type) to the beacon, now the fire has more firepower speak with Blaze once more. Now that beacon network test was a successful go back to to Varrock and speak with King Roald in the varrock Palace for your reward.



This Quest Guide was written by: Justin V.

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