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Posted 09 July 2014 - 07:38 AM

Hi all,

Whether this is your first clan or not, there are some things regarding the Clan Citadel that you may have questions about (or not but I will explain anyway!)
  • What is a Clan Citadel?
A Clan Citadel is a clan's castle in the sky, where clan members can train various skills. A basic citadel starts with only a Woodcutting plot, but as it levels up, it gains new skill plots for Mining, Firemaking, Smithing, Crafting, Summoning, and Cooking (in that order).
  • How does the Citadel level up?
The citadel levels up through the efforts of the clan members! Each week, each clan member can visit the citadel and "cap" their resources by using the skill plots there. The resources gained from the skill plots go toward upgrades in the citadel and each week you will see the citadel grow from our combined efforts!
  • What are the benefits of having a Clan Citadel, and what do I gain from it?
Skilling at the plots in the citadel usually give better exp rates than skilling in the main game world. If you cap at the citadel, the next week your fealty level will increase by 1, up to level 3 fealty maximum. For each fealty level, your clan cloak gains a star at the bottom, and more importantly, you gain 15% more exp for skilling at the citadel. That's up to 45% bonus experience for level 3 fealty! Members with level 3 fealty also get a fealty exp reward from their Clan Cloaks each week (equal to JoT aura, or a bit more than a small lamp).
  • Clan Avatar
The Clan Avatar is a wondrous gift bestowed upon us by the citadel. To reap its benefits, all that is required is a payment of 300 anagogic orts per week. 200 anagogic orts can easily be obtained each day through skilling or killing monsters. The Clan Avatar gives 3% bonus exp to clan members that are on the same world as it, and this doubles to 6% for clan members within 10 steps of it! We will be sure to hold the avatar in banks sometimes so clan members can enjoy the 6% bonus while skilling.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have here on RuneAid, on the official RuneScape clan forum (http://services.rune...s?threadid=6d1n), or in the clan chat in-game!

  • What are Anagogic Orts and why do I keep getting them as drops?
Orts are essentially "Avatar food" - each week you pay the Clan Avatar 300 orts to gain its benefits for one week. Up to 200 orts can be collected per day.
  • That's cool, but it's annoying to get them all the time! Can I turn them off somehow?
Yes, you can turn off ort drops by talking to the Captain of the Guard in the southern part of the Clan Camp.

Alan Z

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