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  Avatar Item Name Item Description

Bronze Throwing Axe Ranged Weapon.

Bronze Throwing Axe Ranged Weapon.

Bronze Javelin Weakest Javelin

Bronze Crossbow 2nd least accurate Crossbow

Bronze Bolts Fire from a Crossbow!

Bronze Brutal Arrows Effective against Zogres

Bronze Dart Can be made after Tourist Trap

Bronze Pickaxe Used in Mining/Combat

Bronze Claw Weakest Claw

Rusty Bronze Sword Tutorial Weapon

Plant Cure Cures diseased patches

Bronze Warhammer Weakest Warhammer

Bronze Spear Also works for Scarecrows

Bronze Hasta Weakest Hasta.

Bronze Halberd Weakest Halberd(M)

Bronze 2h sword Weakest 2h weapon

Bronze Battleaxe Weakest Battleaxe

Bronze Sword A beginner's weapon.

Bronze Mace A spiky mace.(Note: Prayer +1)

Bronze Hatchet A woodcutter's hatchet.

Bronze Scimitar A vicious, curved sword.

Bronze Longsword A razor-sharp longsword.

Bronze Dagger Good for beginners

Needle Useful for crafting!
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