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  Avatar Item Name Item Description

Steel Sword Great for beginners

Steel Hasta Barbarian Training Needed

Steel Mace Prayer +2.

Steel Bar Needed to make Steel items

Steel Dagger 10 Attack needed(OSRS)

Iron Battleaxe Beginner's weapon :)

Iron Warhammer Beginner's Weapon :DDD

Iron Bar May not be made successfully

Iron 2h sword 2nd weakest 2h sword

Iron Longsword ^^Favorite sword type to use

Cleaning Cloth Cleans off karambwan paste

Kebab Random effects.

Karambwan Paste Deadly Spear/Hastae poison

Iron Spear Can be poisoned in OSRS

Iron Pickaxe Used in Mining/Combat

Big bones GL trying to get these :/

Iron Mace For people who like Prayer :)

Iron Scimitar Ehhh scimitar for beginners.

Iron Sword 2nd worst Shortsword

Iron Hasta Requires Barbarian Training

Iron Hatchet 2nd worst WC Hatchet

Iron Dagger Weakest Iron weapon

Cooked Meat Beginner Food.

Cooked Meat Beginner Food.

Logs Obtained from a Tree.
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