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  Avatar Item Name Item Description

Steel Dart Tourist Trap needed to make

Iron Arrows Weak Arrows

Steel Platebody Lowlevel Platebody.

Dramen Staff Allows access to Zanaris

Slayer Bell Makes Molanisks vulnerable

Mirror Shield Helps with certain monsters

Facemask Blocks out smoke

Earmuffs Stops banshee shrieks

Leaf-bladed spear Once used in a scam.

Amulet Of Glory Amazing Members Item

Ring of Charos Charms certain NPCS

Ring of Stone Become a stone! :))

Ring of Life Teleports you if you get weak

Warrior Ring Great ring for members

Bronze med helm Decent beginner's helmet

Steel Claw Decent lowlevel Claw

Steel 2h sword Takes up both hands

Steel Longsword Decent lowlevel Longsword

Steel Battleaxe Lowlevel battleaxe

Steel Hatchet Only use this to Woodcut

Steel Warhammer Decent lowlevel weapon

Steel Spear OSRS: Can be Poisoned

Steel Pickaxe Great for 10-20 Mining

Steel Halberd Can hit from two spaces away

Steel Scimitar Great steel weapon
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