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  Avatar Item Name Item Description

Green Dragonhide Used for prelategame crafting

Mindspike Was once a glitchy weapon.

Dragon Dagger Lost City required

Uncut Ruby Used for crafting

Diamond Entry fee into somewhere..

Hammer For Smithing.

Crushed Gem Only used in 2 quests.

Burnt food Is mostly useless.

Monkfish High level food.

Rocktail May boost HP by 10%.

Rocktail May boost HP by 10%.

Rocktail May boost HP by 10%.

Steel Plateskirt Platebody but for women :)

Steel Kiteshield A decent kiteshield

Mithril Sword Great sword :)

Ava's Alerter Helps you find 4 clue scrolls

Ava's Acc. Upgraded version

Ava's Attractor Attracts metallic items

Steel med helm Decent lowlevel helmet

Steel knife Thrown weapon

Steel Javelin Unpopular weapon type

Steel Arrow Decent Arrows

Steel Bolts Used with Crossbows

Steel Brutal Effective against Zogres

Steel Crossbow Decent crossbow
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