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  Avatar NPC Name Description Level Drops

Greater Demon A Formable Foe.

Grave Scorpion Scorpions who live buried.

Gorak A Bunny, but more fierce.

Goblin People Haters of the Earth.

Goat A Animal of the Mountains

Gnome Troop A Gnome Warrior

Gnome Enemies of the Khazard.

Glod Giant of the Clouds.

Giant Spider Creepy, Run!

Giant Mole King of the ground.

Giant Bat A Bat on Steroids.

Ghost A Soul Who Has No Peace.

Ghast A Possessed Ghost.

Gargoyle Wing Beasts or Guardians.

Gardener A person Who loves to Plant.

Flesh Crawler Keep your Flesh Away.

Fire Wizard A Wizard In Control of Fire

Fire Giant A Giant from Fire.

Fire Elemental Element of Fire.

Fever Spider One bite, and your Sick.

Fear Reaper A Hunger For Fear.

Experiment Science Gone Wrong.

Entrana Fire Bird Fire Seeker Bird.

Elvarg King of Dragons

Earth Wizard A Wizard In Control of Earth.
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