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  Avatar NPC Name Description Level Drops

Jogre A Crude hybrid of a Ogre.

Jelly Not the Jelly you eat...

Jailer Keeps jails in order.

Jail Guard Prevents evil From escaping.

Iron Dragon A hard opponent.

Infernal Mage Mage of Fire

Imp A Annoying little thief.

Icefiend Small Ice Demon.

Ice Warrior Protectors of the Ice

Ice Spider Spider, who love Winter.

Ice Giant A giant, cold creature!

Hopeless Creature A Creature Without Hope.

Hobgoblin Ugly Goblins!

Hill Giant Keepers of the Hills

Highwayman Money to the Poor!

Hero A Pure Leader.

Hell Hound Dogs of Evil.

Hazeel Cultist Ancient Evil Wizard.

Harpie Bug Swarm Mad Bugs, in Search of People.

Guthan the Infested One of the Barrows Brothers.

Gunthor the Brave Hero of the Barbarians

Guard Dog Thieves Beware!

Guard Protectors of Cities.

Grizzly Bear Shy, but Fierce when Angered.

Green Dragon Wilderness Dweller.
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