Runeaid - Tier 2 (Silver)

full_bronze_equipped32.pngRuneaid is a silver tiered fansite! We're really focusing our efforts on building our community, and getting those defence levels! Despite being a distance away, we'll continue working for gold. But we couldn't get this far without you, the community.

Welcome to 2014

Hey guys, welcome to 2014! We're very optimistic for this year and have lots planned. We're going to work on new tools and guides (keep an eye out for a combat & fletching guide), as well as beefing up our website. It's all for you, so keep 'scaping!

Interested in Staff?

Interested in being a staff member here at Runeaid? We're always looking for talented people to join the team! Simply hop over to the forums and give an Administrator a PM stating you're interested. Then we'll get back to you. Good luck! :)


Runeaid Is 4!

Mar 04 2014 05:11 AM By Kolton T.
Here at Runeaid we are VERY proud to celebrate our 4th birthday (March 4th, 2010 was our first year). Frankly, this has been a great experience running this website for me. I've learned a lot, and grown a lot as person. I'm really proud to announce that Runeaid is officially a Silver Tiered Jagex Supported fansite. This is a really large accomplishment which I'm glad to share with all of you. Thanks for being a part of this community, the memories created here are irreplaceable.

It's been great, and here's to another year!

Kolton T.


Upcoming Updates & Silver Fansite!

Feb 27 2014 05:48 AM By Kolton T.
Hey everyone, so I threw together a super quick "to-do" list of what the staff at Runeaid will be working on. :)

High Priority
-Finishing Forum Theme
-Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube
-Becoming More community oriented with events and giveaways (10m giveaway coming soon!)
-Becoming more active on the forums and in the community
-Becoming a higher tiered fansite

Medium Priority
-Cleaning up forums
-Cleaning up main site with guides
-Updating main site with new ways to read/edit guides (more backend)
-Stat Signatures (?)
-More guides, tools, etc.
-Adding new polls on the main website

Low Priority
-Fixing some small bugs and smaller organization
-Improving Some features

In Other News

It's official, Runeaid is now a silver tiered fansite! You can find us on the official fansite thread located here sometime tomorrow. We also get new benefits to help Runeaid grow and become a bigger and better fansite!

Also, Runeaid is going to be 4 years old on March 4th, which is a really large milestone! We're all really proud, both veterans, current staff, and myself. It's been great working with you guys for this long, and I can't wait to see what else 2014 holds for us.


Welcome the New, the Old, and the Future

Feb 18 2014 03:36 AM By Robert M.

Image Owned by Jagex Ltd

It has been a long time since I began my Journey with Runeaid, but I am back, and I am ready for a new era of Runeaid!


A few questions that you, the people of Runeaid and Runescape alike might be thinking;

Who are you?

Well my name is Robert Mills, I started playing Runescape, in the 8th grade, and I was a loyal member of Runescape for 10 years, I have sadly retired video games due to my job, and 10 month old daughter, who is my life. I am good friends with Kolton our lovely Founder, and we helped make Runeaid what it is today. I will mainly be focusing on the Community with Runeaid, making sure the forums stay clean, content rich, and overall enjoyable for our guests and members.

Why Come Back?

As you know Runeaid is going through a change. Or did you know at all? Well I will have my fingers crossed that Kolton already told you, but anyways back to what i was saying! Runeaid has officially made a great milestone in Runescape fan site history, meaning that Runeaid is officially a Jagex recognized fan site. This is a major milestone for any fan site, and thank you for sticking around as long as you did loyal members, because without your patience we would have never done it!

What Is Going to Change in the Community with You Running It?

That is for me to know and you to all find out! :lol:

I look forward to meeting all of you, and I hope you all enjoy and have a very pleasant stay on Runeaid : Your Official Runescape Fan Site.


Robert M.


Runescape Giveaway - 10m

Feb 18 2014 02:00 AM By Kolton T.
Runeaid is a community driven website, so in an effort to give back to the community we are going to be hosting a giveaway. The giveaway has not started yet, as we are still working out the details. But this is what I'm planning:

The giveaway will be based on member activity in the community. The prizes are as follows.

First Place - 5m
Second Place - 3m
Third Place - 1m
Fourth Place - 500k
Fifth place - 250k

And the remaining 250k will go to whoever made high quality posts, and was a nice and helpful member. So, anyone from first place to someone who only made a few high quality and nice posts in the competition could win this 250k.

But just to be clear, the contest is not starting yet. This is just the beginning thoughts, so it may be a little while before it starts. But still, join and contribute! Activity before the contest may be considered too if you are a good member. Also, tell your friends to join! :)


Runeaid: The Past, The Future

Feb 17 2014 04:59 AM By Kolton T.
The Beginning

2006 was the year that changed my life. In 2006, I was hanging out with my friend and we were just talking. Then, he told me about a game called Runescape - it was apparently the most popular thing at school. Not that I would know, I was homeschooled. ^_^ So he showed me the website, and helped me make an account (yes, he looked away for the password part).

Then, after 30 minutes of not knowing how to "Prospect" a rock on Tutorial Island, I was in! Prior to this day, I didn't even really know what a computer did. But ever since that day I've been pretty much addicted to Runescape. Eventually, this addiction led me to other parts of the internet. Then, my curiosity for things like websites, facebook, emails, all that fun stuff. I wanted to know how it all worked.

I started this website because, well, I love websites. I thought it was so fascinating you could claim a piece of the internet as your own, and do whatever you wanted with it. I started a few websites on Webs, and proceeded to learn more about making websites. Eventually, with the help of some friends, Runeaid was created. We ran Mybb, had no good theme, and no guides. But we pushed on, nothing was going to stop us. I remember the nights I would spend up until 6am sometimes, just doing what I love. Working on websites. With the help of some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure to work with, Brad, Rob, and Steve, we got this site off the ground and made it what it is.

The dedication from everyone on this website is astounding. All we worked for was the feeling of accomplishment of collaborating to run a website. None of us were paid. Every single penny donated went right back into the website. That, I promise.

And now?

The Future

Runeaid is the first stepping stone of my internet career. From here, I plan to major in Computer Science and continue doing websites whenever possible.

What about Runeaid? Well, now that Runeaid is officially supported by Jagex I want to work hard and do whatever it takes to let this website reach its full potential. So, as organized people unlike myself do, I've made a little check list.
  • Run Community oriented events
  • Host giveaways!
  • Solidify Runeaid's presence on Twitter and Facebook (Youtube too?)
  • Make guides!
  • Help you, the community, on your Runescape endeavors. As others have helped me on mine.
This site is about helping people. Runescape has always had extremely friendly people who have helped me, and now I'm helping you. After all, we are Runeaid aren't we?

So, if there is anything we aren't doing now that you think we should, join the forums and tell us. If you would like to show your support, join the forums and post. If not, keep browsing our guides and utilizing Runeaid to make your account the best it can be. After all, that's what we're here for. :)

Thanks to everyone who has ever participated and helped the website, you guys are the best.

Kolton T.


Runescape Legacy Mode

Feb 03 2014 10:08 PM By Kolton T.
Runescape is bringing back the Pre-Eoc combat! So for anyone nostalgia junkies, this one is for you! Along with some EoC improvements, Jagex is going to be bringing back the full Pre-Eoc combat alongside EoC. So if you want to vote for this new update, then go log into your Runescape account and vote!

Happy scaping!


3 Years

Mar 05 2013 05:46 PM By Kolton T.
I just wanted to take this time to commemorate the fact that Runeaid has hit it's 3rd year as of March 4th. It's been a long journey, but a rewarding one. And we've achieved a lot of these 3 years. Here's for more to come.



Merry Christmas From Runeaid

Dec 24 2012 08:08 PM By Kolton T.
From everyone here at Runeaid, I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Make sure to have a good one!

In the spirit of the holidays, we'll be hosting a competition soon with some awesome prizes. We'll also be bringing a Youtube channel filled with awesome Runescape content, and we'll be writing a guide to help explain EoC to anyone who's still having trouble. This will make us one of the few Runescape fansites to have such a guide. So make sure to tell your friends!

Kolton T.


Runeaid is 2

Mar 08 2012 11:53 PM By Kolton T.
Hello, sorry for the slightly late announcement. ;) But, Runeaid is 2! This is a big achievement, and is my longest running website, and I'm very proud of it. It's been great working here, and let's hope for another great year! :)


New Forum Design

Feb 29 2012 03:41 AM By Kolton T.
Hello everyone, so I am going to admit this is long overdue. We now have an epic new theme, that goes along with our website quite well. If you find any bugs please report them, and enjoy.

Thanks to: Lucasbytegenius



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